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Halloween Update: VO Panel & Steam Greenlight!

Hi, various number of people reading this!

First off, if you celebrate Halloween, then happy Halloween! I wish I could say Happy _________, but that would be spoiling our Halloween-based secret party member. Of course, it is a Lovecraft game, so I guess they are all a bit ‘Weenie.

Secondly: progress update.

We’re sitting at 99%. I’ve completed about four full runs of the game without new bugs, and those that I have hit are either due to renaming files or cleaning up hub areas of the code. Anything from here on out is most likely going to be aesthetic, such as a change to our menu GUI and a possible fix on the color scheme of our dialogue options.

We have been in beta for two and a half weeks now, about a week less than we wanted, but things come up when you’re working a part-time, non-paying job. It has nothing to do with a lack of dedication, but rather a lack of time. It’s a bummer, but it’s also a fact of life.

Thirdly: we put up our Steam Greenlight page! Click on Perry fighting the Olympic Velociraptor Bobsled Team to be magically transported there via technology.

AoT_GreenlightWe originally put it up without a video because Kroze and I were literally hopping in a taxi to go to New York within the hour. It worked, too, since we got a huge boost in upvotes from the networking we did at New York Comic-Con. But we also need to put up a trailer, as such a thing would boost our “street cred”. We have been waiting on the newest builds of the game to do so, and it should be up shortly. We tried in New York but found it was just too busy of a time. It was super fun to hang out with the VOICE CAST for the game, and get things rolling (we currently have about seven or more fully recorded).

That brings us to Thing #4:

Fourthly, Kroze and much of the voice cast will be at Youmacon on Saturday for an Army of Tentacles VO panel. If you’re in the Detroit area, or already at the Con, you might fancy to hit it up.

youmaThere was a lot of discussion from all sides concerning whether or not we should publicize our voice cast – we’d like the game to stand on it’s own. Some said it would help us sell the product if we said “lookie lookie”, but we decided to err on not hurting any of the friendships that we have cultivated in order to maybe get a few bucks. So you’ll just have to hear it for yourself!

Everyone reading this, have a nice night amd a happy rest of the holiday! The spooky, spooky holiday!


The Road to Soft Launch


A lot has happened over the last week. Kroze flew down and spent the majority of it fixing everythi – er, finalizing the code.

We’ll get to that in a minute.


See the above? How Dagon is all up in Perry’s grill, and how we have very obviously used RPGMaker for placeholder background art? This is where we were. I can safely say that Dagon – or any other character – no longer violates anyone else’s personal space. We also have gotten rid of 99% of the placeholder art. Yay for not getting sued by the RPGMaker team!

Unfortunately, somebody pinched my camera at San Diego Comic-Con, so we have to rely on public domain images… but that’s not too shabby, either. No shame in that.


This is our new GUI, albeit a lot less polished than, say, what you’ll download and play. Contours and bevels are a cheap way out, yes, but my PS skills are limited and I rather think that it falls in line with the quirky charm of the game.


Last but not least, I have little to no idea of what I am going to do to spruce up the overworlds. ¬†Even though WE like them quite a bit, the first (if only) negative criticism people that we’ve shown the game to has been concerning the overworld maps. It’s not something we can let slide, since you spend a good chunk of the game there.

My first idea:

possible_bw possible_dagon

Not in the spirit of the rest of the game, though. I dunno. We’ll think on it. We have time.


Kroze has a crazy idea, which is to VO the game. Now, this has delayed us by about a month, but if we don’t have all the files we need by the Soft or Hard Launches – which are October 1st and October 7th, respectively – we fold the voiced version into a possible Steam Greenlight deal. A Steam Steam LOL Edition, if you so please.

Dates are just estimations, people. Needless to say, the game is almost done.