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Army of Tentacles: End of Summer

Coming Summer 2013.

Still planning on hitting that, summer does not officially end until September 12th.

The plan is for Casey to have completed the last mechanic by today: the invasion and how it ties into enemy/party member/army training levels and the like. Ultimately, we may have to keep adjusting the time feature just to get it right, but that should not be a huge deal after everything else is secured properly in the code.

I am going to be going up to Berkeley either by this weekend or on this weekend in order to at least do a run of the game with Casey, and finalize the code. Then, Kroze is either going to come to California, or I’m going to go to the East Coast, where he will either say “the code looks good” or flip some tables.

I’m a newbie at this and Kroze shakes his head at me, but we decided as a group to go ahead with the art and the everything else before we had all the mechanics in: time, invasion, shops, menu, and party/army. This was the big mistake, and only one of the myriad of things that we are going to do better – dare I say right? – next time. I’ve never done a post-mordem for a video game before, but I’ve done them for plays and movies, and we already have an unorganized list of everything we want to talk about.

More as this story develops.

Army of Tentacles: May


The public demo is not out yet, which is surprising, but only by a little. We ran into a few weird bugs – one wacky one revolving around color hexes – that have delayed things a bit. The good news is that once these things are ironed out, and after we get in the shop function and the finale for act three, it should only be two runs through the game until we determine if we’re ready for a short, closed beta.

If all goes well, I’d like to get a public demo out this weekend.

Later on, we’ll post a larger post-mordem about what went right (very little), what went wrong (a lot), and what we’ve learned from this experience.

First Steg Post!


First of all, we’re here. New site, new blog. A bit jetlagged so this will be brief. Or weird. Or both.

2013_KANSAS_CCC 002
Went to Kansas. Demo’d the beta version of Army of Tentacles. Response was exceedingly positive, more than I originally thought for bringing a video game to a comics convention. A few people even asked me what the link to Kickstart it was. That was something. People especially responded well to our Argument System – how the combat is dialogue based instead of violence.

But we found from Kansas that there’s some room to grow. For one, we need to re-do the entire UI system because the current one just ended up confusing people. Why was this thing here? Why was that thing there? What do I click now? So we can definitely make things more accessible.

This week/rest of the month:
* work on inputting the first act of the script into the game
* mapping out the quest system and breakdowns
* continue UI work and finish up the Argument system