Halloween 2015 Update: Werewolf Bar-Mitzvah

Happy Halloween!

What’s scarier than tech development? NOTHING. Software dev is ridiculous. At the end of this, I might write a book about the entire ordeal.

We’re in the stage of development where we just need to do the volume/audio mix, as well as get the few remaining VO files. You guys may have heard about the SAG Not Strike. That kind of hurt us, but we’re recovering. Not as fast as we’d like, but that’s what happens when people work for free. We were expecting to have this done in September, but life threw various members of the team curve balls which in turn threw us off course a wee bit.

We have a plan to go forward, but unfortunately it is going to take a bit longer. But due to the delay, we’re going to try to take advantage of RenPy’s new Android and iOS features. Try to see if we can easily get those in with the Mac, Windows, and Linux versions. But nothing is set in stone if it delays us yet again.

Have a scary Halloween!

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