Steam & Light at the Tunnel’s End

Last month, I thought I was going to have a heart attack.

You see, on May 12th, 587 days after we had hastily put up the Steam Greenlight page an hour before we got in a cab to go to New York, our little monster got accepted on to Steam. My head and chest were racing a mile a minute. I called the rest of the team: Amber, Kroze, Ben. I IM’d Ashley. I went outside and just… walked around. I absent-mindedly walked too close to the Geese and almost got killed. So now we were able to roll out on Steam. Not just our site, not just any other platform we called up and begged.

The game you have been following (or hate-following) for 587 days is finally going to see the light of day. Boy, that’s going to be weird. It being done (well, besides maybe a patch or two, which I find highly unlikely). Almost three years of learning game development, bad business decisions, good business decisions, ridiculous BS beyond our control… and it all comes down to a few scant more moments.

Basically, it’s not over yet.

Right now, we’re transferring the code to “a better place” (i.e. a new group-share site) in order for it to be polished up. This weekend, I will be editing the last remaining bits of unedited VO. Then we need to playtest. Then add the VO. Then playtest some more. I will be replacing the placeholder art. There’s still no real timeline as to when the final code will be hammered down, but we are aiming to provide Valve with a complete copy by at least early July. Why such a late date? Why almost a month and a half since being accepted? Half of it is financially opportunistic, half of it is due to those aforementioned things beyond our control (and God willing, it will be the last one).

I don’t think the Greenlight page will be updated with the new art, simply because it doesn’t NEED to be. The one that will get a makeover is the new store page.

In the immortal words of Samuel L. Jackson: “everyone hold on to ‘yer butts”.

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