How To Make A Video Game While Really Trying

So, in 2010, I wanted to make a video game.

Kroze Kresky, Patrick Godwin, Ben Heft, and I started a game company around Christmas of that year, cobbling together the new name of ‘Stegalosaurus’ out of the ashes of an old company name that was actually owned by Legendary Pictures. They even told me over drinks after San Diego Comic-Con one day: “yeah, you’re not winning that legal battlle”.

Army of Tentacles went through many different iterations since then (one of them being a turn-based action game), before falling into the current and final version. For a year, we were working on a pitch to Microsoft and TechStars for a related but altogether different product. Then Patrick left.

2012. In haste, I ended up paying some people that I should not have. Because of that, Kroze and his team are chugging along, trying to untangle the wires of the past programming tomfoolery. It is the end of 2014, and while optimistic, we have come to the conclusion that as soon as we hit a brick wall we cannot get around, we are hitting the Nuke Button and redoing the entire codebase in C+. This is the worst option as of now, but the silver lining is that we will have 100% control over the code, we know what will go in it, we already have a foundation for every single existing system in the game, and we will know a proper end date.

Thank you for your patience.

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